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!!! Rules !!!

Rules for any player:

•^TF^Clan Team Rules Are : No Team Tase, Flash, Sting, Pepper spray, Pepperball, Kill or any other action against your team mates.

•Insulting is taken seriously, you can be muted, kicked or banned immediately.

•Only speak english, exept an admin says it's ok to speak another language instead.

•Admins decision is final on everything, it depends on the situation if admins will warn you if you do something wrong.

•Rules can be updated at any time, it's up to you to keep posted. WE WILL POST ON THE FRONT PAGE AND IN_GAME WHEN WE CHANGE ANY PLAYER-RULE! (Admin rules only on the front page)

•Please respect our rules. If you think admins abuse you, plz register at our site so you can explain the situation and we can improve.

Rules for members of ^TF^Clan:

•Everyone, especially admins, should stick with the rules if playing with someone they don't know well. Any complains can lower your rank!

•If you are only with people that like to NOT stick with the rules and and you don't like to join them, go away. If there are others on the server that like to stick to the rules, admins should handle the situation. If there are no admins, try to reach an admin and report to Fox(leader) or Bazz(leader). Try to keep the atmosphere nice. if the atmosphere turns bad, you should get out yourself if there's only the players that ruin it to prevent any escalating. If there are others, you should keep the person out that ruins the atmosphere BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

•Another language than english is allowed if an admin says it's ok (as said). It's only ok if an admin speaks this language or if someone we know well enough to trust him. If a not-admin will watch the language of someone, always check on google translate if you think something's not right.

•If anything happens with a person (like teamkill on perpose, kills just for fun, ect.), all members that noticed this happened MUST note the IP, name and location of both with a description of what happened and your part in it.

•We strongly recommend a log of all players that did something wrong, even if it's just an illegal suspect kill! Try to change their ways if they are not as the rules say without letting the atmosphere turn bad. I (Fox), personnally like to log all players if anyone needs the IP or anything like that.

•any crashed or bugs have to be reported to Fox or Bazz.

•rules can be updated at any time, it's up to you to keep posted. WE WILL POST ON THE FRONT PAGE WHEN WE CHANGE ANY RULE!

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